Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Novitec F430 TuNero

Among the countless tuner displays gracing Messe Frankfurt, a vehicle caught the attention of our goal and caused the hairs on the back of our neck to stand at attention. The Novitec Ferrari F430 TuNero, swathed opaque black from his body to his brake calipers, is pure evil incarnate, and meets the requirements of motivation for the game.

Sporting a duo of race-ready compressors, air-water-, we have a review of the system of recruitment, individual oil coolers, new fuel injectors and a series of other changes, TuNero puts out 707 hp at 8350 rpm and 525 lb-ft. As a couple to 6300 rpm. 62 reaches 3.5 seconds and Novitec argues that a maximum speed of 216 MPH is easily within reach.

We have mounted a number of live and press photos in the gallery below, in order to go forward and intimidate.

Tuner Novitec has built a supercharged Ferrari F430 with two supercharges that push output to 636 horses. It has a maximum speed of 218 mph with 0-62phm spring in just 3.7 seconds. It has a height-adjustable suspension with lowered travel and an extended runway. This Ferrari F430 comes with a custom 19 "or 20-inch center-lock wheels hide ceramic Brembo brakes upgraded. Maximum torque of 638Nm is reached at 6250 rpm. Takes couple of months before it hits the market. Images after jump.